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How To Take A Picture Of Nature?


If you are a fan of nature and you like to take photos you are very lucky. Nature is beautiful itself, and there is no need to use a lot of filters. However, there are some rules you need to respect and follow if you want to enhance its beauty. There are a lot of filters you can use to improve your picture. Still, you need to pay attention and avoid using them too much.  Nature should remain natural, especially if you’re shooting something like a summer wedding. You should pay more attention to your photo frame because your landscape is shrunk unless you are using panorama.

What is one point perspective? Why is it so important?

Like in the drawing, one point perspective is equally important in photography, especially when it comes to presenting of streets or similar. This mathematical system used for representing three-dimension objects and space should be your wildcard. Once you understand this rule, you will never stop using it. This rule will help you to identify vanishing points, horizon lines or true shapes. A lot of familiar painters used it in the past. Take a Van Gogh paints for example. If you study them, you will better understand it.

How to learn one point perspective?

You can find a lot of online tutorials, or you can take on of our courses and learn it in less than 5 lessons. The best way to understand it is to learn to draw it and then you will adjust your eye to do the same with photos. You will train your brain to look through the frame and to catch the best possible shot. Once you learn it by drawing you will never have to worry about the photography. What you have learned to draw, now you will be able to catch with your objective.

How many filters should you use?

It is highly important not to excess. Filters should be used to enhance the beauty of nature. If you excess, you will spoil it. It is similar to putting perfume on the flower. You need to use it as much is necessary to enhance the prettiest details. Once you learn this, you’ll become a magician, and your photos will be magical. You can use online tutorials where people are explaining the result of various filters. The result is what you should be interested in, and these tutorials will show you everything.