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Photography Services

When it comes to photography, it is really important to have at least descent equipment and to have a little knowledge regarding different techniques.

Professional consulting

In our company, we appreciate the knowledge, and we know how it is important to go in the right direction, especially if you are a beginner. We like to help our clients to improve their knowledge and get new experience; therefore we organize different kinds of workshops.

Open source websites

We will provide you with useful links, inform you about webinars and teach you how to use the Internet in the most efficient way. We will also inform you about all kind of discounts regarding equipment and your precious tool. And we will explain to you how to use it in the best possible way.

Equipment distribution

We also offer our clients complete care and service, and if they think that their shopping is insecure, and they are not experienced enough, we will do everything instead of them. We are available during the whole week.

Choosing Your Equipment

You need to be aware that the quality of your photography depends on the quality of your equipment. On the other hand, you need to decide what kind of pictures you are going to make. It will automatically affect your choice of equipment. It is not just buying a camera and taking pictures; it is far more complex. The equipment will be way different for making portraits than for making landscapes. With the proper guide, you will escape a lot of wandering,

Our Team of Experts and Specialists

These guys are amazing. I had started to explore the world of photography when I was ten years old. Now I am 30 years old, and I must admit that I’ve leaned more for five years with them than for my entire life. I owe them a lot.

Marc Wilson

I always have a great eye for photography, but I never was good with the choice of equipment. These guys helped me a lot. They asked me about the type of the photography that I want to make and then they offered me the most appropriate suggestion.

Maria Johnson

The thing that I like the most about this company is the fact that you can interact with them, anytime you want. Since I’ve started to communicate with these guys, I have improved the quality of my work. I am more than amazed at their help. Thank you guys, for everything!!!

Serena Baney

Why Us?

We are one of the most efficient team for every kind of clients, especially if you are a beginner. Our service is based on helping others and introducing them to a completely new world of photography where your equipment will work for you. We organize a lot of online or live courses where you can get known with the best techniques and meet most successful experts that are more than willing to change the knowledge with you.

Photo Books and Photo Albums

Custom Path

  • With our custom path, you will be able to add, move and resize pictures anywhere. Choose one of our great backgrounds and layouts. Use our effects to make your album looks magical.

My Book Service

  • Use your photos and our designers to get a beautiful book. Make your picture diary. Choose your style and size. The only thing you need to do is to upload your photos, and we will do everything for you.

Simple Path

  • If you do not want to waste your time and you have trust in our designers simply upload photos, and we will do all the rest. No matter how many pictures you send us, we will rearrange them.

Simple Path extended service

  • Here you will receive three previous before we send you our final offer. You can choose one of them. We are also open to any suggestions or comments.

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